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A Corn is an area of callus (thickened skin) and are usually cone shaped with the pointed end pressing into deeper layers of the skin causing pain. Corns are caused by excessive pressure or friction on the same area.

There are different types of corn.

CornHard Corn
These are the most common type and are often found on bony areas, such as the ball of your foot and your toes.

Soft Corn
Often found between the toes and are soft and rubbery due to the moist environment.

CornSeeds Corns
These are very small and may appear as one or as a cluster of small corns on the bottom of the foot. These are generally painless.

Neuro and Vascular Corns
These are hard corns that have blood vessels and nerves inside them. If cut they will bleed. These are very painful and can be mistaken for a verruca. This type of corn is not very common.

If a corn is left untreated it will not only carry on causing you pain when you walk but can also cause your healthy skin to break down underneath and develop into an ulcer.


The callus around the corn would need to be pared down and the corn will be removed using a scalpel. This is a painless procedure and usually gives instant relief from the pain that the corn has been causing.

Padding or dressing may be applied to prevent the corn from reoccurring and advice would be given about correct footwear and other ways to prevent corns from returning.



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